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Brooke Porter

Brooke is a passionate stylist who has a thirst for colour and redesigning space. She launched The Drawing Room Co with one clear intention, and that was, to allow people to reconnect with their own creative wiring. Brooke believes wholeheartedly that we all have a creative being inside of us but due to the fast nature of our digital world this inner strength is often suppressed. 

Brooke wasn’t always professionally practicing her creative intention, with a long career in corporate roles centred around risk management, human resources and operations she learnt the skill of working hard, learning fast and managing multiple projects. This grounding allowed her to leave a heavily compliant career behind and fully focus on reigniting the right side of her brain, which is her greatest passion. 

While training in photography, styling and other creative mediums she also thrived on the works of Brene Brown, Lisa Messenger, Emma Isaacs, Simon Sinek and Sir Ken Robinson (and plenty others). Brooke has a passion for helping others achieve their true potential and very recently enjoyed immersing in a remote healing retreat, she has also mastered the art of lomi-lomi and meditation. Mindfulness through creativity is a huge part of the workshops being designed by The Drawing Room Co.     

Currently the Drawing Room Co is managing multiple home renovations, freelancing on creative briefs for other small businesses, researching and writing beautiful content for creative workshops and preparing for many special team building and community events. It is in these events where adults feel the benefit of letting go and reigniting their creative brain power. 

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